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Junior Achievement

HORUS GROUP participates in the Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is an international NGO with over 90 years and operating in 118 countries. In Brazil, it has presence in all states and the Federal District. The main goal is to inspire and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in young people still in school, stimulating their personal and professional development and providing a vision of the business world.

How it works: Through investments coming from the private sector, schools receive programs that are administered by volunteers.

The Synergy VOLUNTEER + SCHOOL + STUDENTS is responsible for benefit more than 2 million young people in the country.

The philosophy of the Junior Achievement is "Life is a path, not a destination and one is the Architect of his/her Way," which reflects the belief in the capacity and capability of the human being and encourages young people to take responsibility for their own destinies, determination of specific objectives, realistic and ambitious actions in pursuit of goals, the courage to take risks, perseverance and confidence.

Through its partner Thais Bertuol, the HORUS GROUP is a member of the Fiscal Council, a body with competence to comment on the reports of financial and accounting performance and operations by issuing its opinions (Law No. 9790, art. 4, III). The Fiscal Council has broad jurisdiction to review all actions taken by the management, having access to all documents necessary to verify the validity of application of the resources of the Association. It consists of three (03) members elected at the Annual General Assembly of the Association for a term of 02 (years) which mandate that can be renewed for same period.

For more information, please visit the the website http://www.jasp.org.br/

Velho Amigo

HORUS GROUP participates in the Velho Amigo Project. The Velho Amigo Project is a non-profit organization since 1999 and contributes to the better functioning of long-stay institutions. Currently attends directly about 1100 elderly people.

Among the projects and organizations assisted by the Velho Amigo Project, the most relevant are: the Old Peoples Frederic Ozanam Shelter, the LAFH - Association of Relatives and Friends of the Elderly, Assistance Vincentian Village Mascot, Charity Association for Abandoned Elderly, Our Lady of Association Carmo, the Association sunrise, Carmelo Immaculate Heart of Mary and St. Therese, House of Divine Providence, House of Velhinhos Ondina Wolf, House of Elders Ir.Alice, Centro Dino Promotional Bueno, CEPIM - Old Peoples Home, Home of Mãezinhas , Happy Home for the Elderly Living, Home of the Ancient of Diadema, Francisco Candido Xavier School Lar, Lar Regina Madre, Center for Living for Seniors Dr.Eliseu.

The Velho Amigo Project, aims at promoting a new perspective on life for the elderly people in social vulnerability and performs a series of events to raise funds and partnerships.

The Velho Amigo Project makes a series of events to raise funds and partnerships and services, prioritizing the needs of every home, whether mattresses, adult diapers, medicine, food, retirement or even paying a bill in arreas.

The events held are 100% charitable, i.e., all income collected is intended entirely for homes assisted.

At each event, participants are sent letters describing the amount collected and the destination of the money.

For more information, http://www.velhoamigo.org.br

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